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Melvin The Mangalitsa Pig

Submitted by OinkBox Pig Pal Chelsea Blake | A pig saved from being served

Melvin very much just happened into my husband and I's life, and we couldn't be happier. My husband has always wanted to rescue a pig, and when we moved into our house last July, we decided we finally had the means to rescue one.

We started looking online but there were not many pig rescues around the area, we instead found a local farmer who was selling Mangalitsa piglets to be raised for meat. We saw these cute, black and white striped piglets and instantly fell in love! We wanted to save them all but knew we sadly could not take on that many piglets, but we could at least save one.

After looking further into the breed, we found out that Mangalitsas are a pretty rare breed of curly long-haired pig. They are the only non-extinct breed of this type of pig left!

We knew Melvin wasn't going to be the average house "mini pig", and would by no means be small, but we were up for the challenge anyways. Melvin has been a complete light in our lives! He is the silliest creature we have ever met and never fails to make us laugh. His winter curls are a personal favorite of mine, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous of them. We decided to share Melvin's story on Instagram to show that all pigs are beautiful loving creatures, even the most unique of ones, no matter what their size! Pigs are friends, not food!



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