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We're partnering with rescues and organizations from around the U.S. to help reduce rehoming and find piggies their forever home. These rescues are in desperate need of donations, volunteers, and space. Please consider donating however you can. Even a few hours of volunteer work goes a long way. Over 85% of pet pigs get rehomed because their owners weren't prepared and educated enough about pig life. It costs a rescue over $300 per pig a year to care for it. Please, educate yourself,  get all the facts and help piggies in need.

my pig filled life

Mini Pig Rescue In Texas

My Pig Filled Life is a 501c3 non-profit organization specifically dedicated to promoting and supporting the rescue & care of mini pigs, by providing the compassion, commitment, and companionship they deserve. 


MPL was started when Melanie Bolling saw a growing need for rescue facilities in East Texas.  So she and her piggie Pearl started My Pig Filled Life Mini Pig Rescue to do what we could to make a difference in the lives of mini pigs


Mini Pig Resources 

The mission and focus of this website is to educate people about mini pigs.


Mini Pig Info was created by experienced pig parents, veterinarians and the pig rescue community; all of whom are dedicated to educating the public and advocating for miniature pigs.


Our team is dedicated to protecting pigs, saving pigs, ensuring accurate and credible information is available about pigs and most importantly, helping mini pig parents with the sometimes complicated care of pigs.

Adopt a pig California

Mini Pig Rescue 

With the increasing number of unwanted potbelly pigs in California, our rescues and sanctuaries are full and overflowing. The shelters are euthanizing at alarming rates and our pig owners are being faced with unthinkable decisions when surrendering these animals. In an attempt to provide a safe place for people to rehome their pigs, a group of animal advocates with a passion for these amazing creatures came together to form Adopt a Pig California. We are the last hope for some and the only hope for others.

The Original Pet Pig Box!


** SHIPPING IMPACTED! U.S shipping carriers are experiencing ongoing delays.  

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