Take action helping rescues, educating the public, and reducing the rehoming rate!

Together we can change the narrative surrounding pigs and better the pig community!








MISSION: In  2019 we launched the #ForThePigs campaign. Aimed at helping rescues through donations and taking REAL action to break the myths and change the narrative surrounding minipigs and pigs as pets. We had a goal of raising $10,000 by December 31, 2019 and surpassed that with the help of our Pig Pals!


In 2020 we're carrying the momentum and continuing the support to aid rescues in their efforts! This year we're also working with our communities to tackle outdated zoning laws, stop bad breeding practices, share educational resources,  and continue to give back to rescues and help the people and pigs who really need it. Join the OinkBox team & your fellow Pig Pals in the #ForThePigs movement. 

ACTION # 1: Rescues are breaking at the seams and rely on donations to keep operations going. We want to raise $10,000 directly for rescues by the end of January 2020. Each donation goes directly to the rescues. OinkBox DOES NOT PROFIT. Donate as an individual, or as a business/organization or company. You don't need to be an OinkBox subscriber, own a pig or even live in the USA. You just need to be passionate about helping pigs. (See how we've raised so far)


Donations help rescues get food, medicine, supplies & equipment, hay/straw, blankets, spay/neuters, hoof & tusk trims, go towards any construction or property maintenance projects.


ACTION #2: Stop bad breeding practices, break the myths and share information to help educate the public. Join the Compassion Collective in taking down breeders that abuse, lie and sell piglets way too young. We know not every breeder is bad, but over breeding and misinformation coming from breeders has led to a growing rehoming epidemic plaguing the pig community and rescues.


ACTION #3: Tackle outdated zoning laws forcing pig parents to surrender and rehome their beloved pigs. We're going city by city, county by county, state by state demanding ordinances lift the ban and update their information correctly to allow pigs as pets. We have informational resources, case studies and help available for anyone fighting to keep their pig(s). 



Together we can stop the abuse, the neglect, and the misinformation. Together we can help rescues and reduce the rehoming rate. Take action, walk your talk and share with your pig community to make this year #ForThePigs.



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