Pigs need Adopting

Over 85% of pet pigs get rehomed because their owners weren't prepared and educated enough about pig life. It costs a rescue over $300 per pig a year to care for it.


Adopting a pig from a rescue gauntness that he/she is healthy, spayed/neutered, usually microchipped, up to date on vaccines and generally socialized and potty trained. Many people think that adopting a pig from a rescue means that pig will come with baggage, and that's actually far from the case. Most pigs that are bought from a breeder have more socialization issues, health issues and shorter life spans than those adopted from a rescue/sanctuary.

When you adopt from a rescue, you help reduce the re-homing rate and you better the pig community. You give a second chance to a pig that is deserving of love, comfort and a forever home. You take business away from those who lie, and aim at just making a quick buck and don't truly have the pig's best interest in mind.

Find a rescue near you and adopt or sponsor a pig today!

Click on any of the rescues below to see the pigs that ready for adoption.

Rescued Friends Sanctuary
Little Bear Sanctuary
Cotton Branch Sanctuary
My Pig Filled Life
Over The Rainbow Sancutary
Gracie's Acres
Saving Animals & Healing Hearts
Central Texas Pig Rescue
Mountain View Sanctuary
Hog Haven
Southern NY Pig Rescue
Oinking Acres
Steampunk Farms Rescue
Pearls Preserve
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