We're partnering with rescues and organizations from around the U.S. to help reduce rehoming and find piggies their forever home. These rescues are in desperate need of donations, volunteers, and space. Please consider donating however you can. Even a few hours of volunteer work goes a long way. Over 85% of pet pigs get rehomed because their owners weren't prepared and educated enough about pig life. It costs a rescue over $300 per pig a year to care for it. Please, educate yourself,  get all the facts and help piggies in need.

Hog Haven
Kanda Farm
My Pig Filled Life
Cotton Branch
Over The Rainbow
Rescued Friends
Little Bear Sanctuary
Central Texas Pig Rescue
Mountain View Sanctuary
Gracie's Acres
Saving Animals & Healing Hearts
Pearls Preserves
Steampunk Farms Rescue
Southern NY Pig Rescue
Oinking Acres
Houston Mini Pig Rescue
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Are we crazy to think $10,000 can be raised in a year? NO! Because in 2019 we did just that!

Let's carry the momentum and continue to help, support, and do it #ForThePigs!


It takes a community and some avid piggy lovers to make a difference. We know that our Pig Pals are passionate about advocating for our hooved friends. We challenge you to find creative ways to save your change, and make a donation!


We're raising money #ForThePigs that are dumped at rescues/sanctuaries because of their size, left behind, because of human ignorance, surrendered because of outdated zoning laws, given up, because of a move, divorce/separation, and for the pigs that have had their hearts broken for or any of the other excuses people come up with.


So... how will YOU help?

What if you didn't get your expensive cup of coffee 1 day a month, & saved $5 to donate?

What if instead of buying a pig from a breeder, you sponsored a pig from a rescue first? What if you took a few hours to volunteer, instead of binge-watching tv all weekend?

What if by making one simple action, you helped a pig get adopted, helped keep a rescue afloat, or made a pig feel at home, loved & wanted?


We can all spare some change to donate monthly, sponsor a pig, or share our time by volunteering and helping rescues! Join us and do it #ForThePigs.


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** ALL BOXES SHIP FREE IN THE US. Excludes PO Boxes **

** SHIPPING IMPACTED BY WEATHER! U.S shipping carriers are experiencing delays due to extreme winter storms.  Please keep an eye on your tracking and double check all information is correct to avoid any further complications. **

Let's Be Pig Pals

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