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We Love Pigs and What We Do!

We're pig people just like you! At OinkBox, we believe pigs are wonderfully unique and take on pig-ferctly awesome personalities of their own.  Each and every pig should be celebrated, loved and pampered.

OinkBox Creators

OinkBox was created in the Spring of 2018 by a husband and wife team. We found inspiration through our 1st mini pig, Ambrosius and the recurring needs that kept circling the pig community. After years of community searches, piecing together pig appropriate snacks + toys for Ambrosius, we knew there was an inherent need for piggy approved products, resources and tools to help pig parents. We turned to the many online pig groups to seek answers for pig subscription boxes and online stores, and found out quickly there really weren’t any, and we were onto something big!


In less than 6 months of conceiving the idea, while working at our other full time jobs and finishing up our June wedding plans, we bootstrapped funds together, built out the website, created social pages, sourced the products for the first few boxes, launched the marketing campaigns and started collecting pre-sales. Finally in March of 2018 the company was fully launched and live.


Each Oinkbox is designed to address specific challenges or needs we, pig parents, have faced with our own curly tailed, snooty friends. We want pig parents to have the tools and resources to feel educated, informed and empowered to be the best pig parent they can be. Each box has an informational pamphlet with pig parent tips and other resources pertaining to that month's theme. There’s low calorie, healthy, vegan or vegetarian treats, a pig tested IQ treat dispensing toy and other piggy products that will help keep the pig parent and piggy happy & squealing with delight! We want pig parents & their piggy(s) to have a healthy, loving, symbiotic relationship for many years to come! 


Over the 3 years OinkBox has been in business, we’ve moved from just a subscription box, to a full online store that provides our own line of mini pig food, snacks, handmade harnesses, IQ toys, hygiene products and many other pig approved products. We have also changed our subscription structure and added several other plan options and one time buy boxes to fit the needs of our customers and the changing economy.


Behind the boxes, OinkBox is driven by a mission to reduce the pig rehoming rate, stop misinformation & mini pig myths, and provide aid to rescues and sanctuaries. In 2019, just one year after OinkBox was launched, we started the #ForThePigs Campaign. We were able to partner with 10 rescue organizations from around the country and raised over $10,000 through event fundraisers, social media campaigns and community outreach. We also collaborated with other grass roots organizations to stop & shutdown several high profile unethical and abusive breeders. In 2020 we postponed the campaign due to Covid-19 and the many financial struggles people were facing. We have since relaunched the #ForThePigs Campaign for 2021, and kicked it off by featuring a rescued pig of the month on the top of our mailer boxes. We are excited to carry this new momentum through the year as we set new goals, tackle new issues and continue to provide aid and awareness to the rescues we’re partnered with.


OinkBox is more than just a box.  We source our products from other U.S small businesses and are dedicated to the Adopt Don’t Shop movement. Pigs are not like any other pet. They are incredibly smart, witty, resourceful, and challenging. The bond between pig and human, once formed, is much like that of a human child and mother. Just like having a child, pig ownership requires a great deal of patience, love, and support.  We hope that by providing quality products, to reduce boredom, and destructive pig behavior, resources and educational information for the humans, that we can help pig parents not rehome their pig and guide them into a symbiotic relationship where both person and pig thrive.

The Original Pet Pig Box!


** SHIPPING IMPACTED! U.S shipping carriers are experiencing ongoing delays.  

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