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6 Summer Safety Tips

Camping, beach days, or stay cays, your piggy needs protection just like we do!  Make sure they're protected from the sun's harmful rays, bugs, and dehydration. Check out the 6 Summer safety tips below!


Both light and dark colored pigs can sunburn! Just like in humans, it creates a lot of uncomfortably, redness and peely skin. Too much sun exposure can also create skin cancer in pigs, dehydration, Dippity Syndrome and other complications. 

Prevent sunburn with a topical sunscreen 30 spf and higher. Apply to back, rib cage, bum, belly, ears and bridge of nose.

Application tip: Give your pig treats or occupy with a Lick It Mat while you rub in. Check out the Sunscreen or The Summer bundle on the OinkBox Store.


 If your pig is outside for a long period of time. It is crucial that you provide shaded areas, lots of cold water and a mud pit or pool.

Pigs don't sweat, and therefore can overhear very quickly! Any outdoor pig hut, or house should be cooled with an AC, to keep the inside temperature cooler. Shade sails, and large umbrellas are great for providing sun relief and keeping pools or mud pits from getting too hot. 

Recommendation: A wet/dry cooling towel is also great for immediate relief from the heat. You can tie it or drape around your piggy. 


We all know bug bites suck! Pigs will suffer from a lot of the same symptoms we get from misquotes, ants, ticks, mites and other pests.

An easy remedy to keep bugs away, is using a natural bug spray and spraying it on them several times a day as they go outside.

Recommendation: We love the all natural Deet free Tick Spray & Bug Spray from Protector Brands.


In the Summer months, especially if your pig is outdoors, dehydration can set in quickly. Providing adequate clean, cold water is a must!

For outdoor pigs, we suggest using a big trough or tub (like what's pictured) put in the shade to provide all day water. 

For indoor pigs, get tip proof water bowls and fill with ice and water throughout the day.

Pig Pal Tip: If your pig doesn't drink much water, you can add low cal/sugar flavor drops, low sugar juice, or cut up berries and drop in the water.


Pigs will be pigs and eat anything in your yard. But some plants are toxic for piggies and should not be eaten.  See list below for common toxic weeds & flowers

  • Angel's Trumpet

  • Jimsonweed

  • horn Apple also known as Devil's Apple

  • Jamestown weed

  • Stinkweed

  • Tolguacha

  • Giant Hogweed (Extremely Toxic)


Treating weeds can be just as challenging as keeping your pig away from harmful plants. Using a natural, pet safe non toxic weed killer is the best options. General hardware stores like HomeDepot & Lowes carry several brands of natural pet safe weed and lawn care products. DIY WEED KILLER: Mix 1 gallon Vinegar,  2 cups Epson Salt, 1/4 Cup Blue Dawn Dish soap in a large container and connect a sprayer and spray in the morning.


Many pig parents like to take their pigs camping, on walks, to the beach or include them in other fun summer activities. Make sure no matter where you go, your pig is updated on vaccines, and dewormed! If you're crossing state lines, or camping, you need to have a copy of your updated vet records on you at all times. Keep them in a water proof bag and have them readily accessible just in case they're needed.

If you're taking pig to an area where there's deep water, please get a life jacket for them. Most pigs can swim for a little bit, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Just like dogs, most places will require your pig be on a leash. Make sure your pig has a properly fitting harness. Recommendation: Check out the All in One Harness & Leash. We love it because it's 100% adjustable to your pig, there's no slip knots so no potential choking and the paracord doesn't pull on hairs or rub skin raw.

Have questions about Summer safety or any or the products/ tips mentioned? Reach out to us

Have a safe & cool summer pig pals!



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