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Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Submitted by Pig Pal: Brandie Carey | A heartfelt story about a deaf rescue pig who found her forever home where words alone cannot express the love that she now feels.

Little is known about Betty White, except for she is one of the sweetest, most mild tempered, happiest pigs you'll ever meet, and, oh yeah... she's deaf. She was found some time ago in 2017 by the animal sanctuary team at Pasados Safe Haven, wandering down the side of the road. When the team picked her up, they realized she had no ears. Upon further inspection they saw that she had a straight line of scar tissue over the ear hole area, and someone had tried to surgically close them over, leaving her completely deaf and with some unique challenges to overcome. Despite her sweet temperament, many people would turn away from taking on a deaf pig, but lucky for her, that would soon all change.

Shortly after Betty White was found and being cared for, Brandie and her family moved to Washington state from the East coast, with her other pot belly pig, Posie. The vet they started to see, was working with Betty White, and started talking to Brandie about the deaf pig, who was so incredibly sweet and was in need of a home. After some contemplation, Brandie and her family decided to go see Betty, and as soon as they met her they knew she belonged with them and they could give her so much love. Just like good pig parents, they went through the adoption process at Pasados and built Betty her own outdoor pig house, and soon after were able to bring her home this past July (2018).

Brandie says, "Everyone who meets Betty walks away saying how incredibly sweet and easy-going she is. She is curious, kind, and would never hurt a thing! She has adapted to her new home so quickly; every time she sees one of the family, she runs over oinking in excitement." Just like any pig to pig introduction, she is still figuring out her relationship with her new sister, Posie, but they are confident they will be good friends soon. Since she is deaf, she uses her eyes a lot more then other pigs do, so she usually walks around with her head tilted, looking up at the world and what is going on around her. She does have some challenges still to face with her ears. Right now, they don’t have a way to drain so they will build up, creating abscesses that swell and then pus out. We clean them regularly and she has medicine for the abscesses. The family is considering ear reconstruction surgery with their vet, with the hopes that it could possibly restore some of her hearing. 

"Everyday we are just in awe of her good-nature, and kind spirit, despite all of the struggles she has already faced." - The Carey Family.

Betty White has more challenges to come in her future, but now at least she has a family who will be by her side for all it, who love her unconditionally and more than words can express. She can't hear the loving words her family say to her, but she can feel it, and when she sees them, she knows she is loved and she is home.

There are so many special pigs like Betty out there who are also searching for forever homes where they will be loved for the rest of their lives, and we hope that reading about Betty will inspire more people to adopt and rescue all the special animals out there in need. Over 85% of pigs will be put into a foster, shelter or a rescue waiting to be re-homed. Most of these pigs are healthy, partially if not all the way trained, and need to be given a second chance on life. Share Betty White's story with your pig pals to get the word out about adoption/rescues. If you would like more information on how to help a rescue, education on pigs or how to adopt go to OR reach out to us at and we can help get you the information you need.



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