April's Piggie PlanterBox

This month's OinkBox is the ultimate snack mix, packed full of vital nutrients to supplement your piggie's regular nutrition. With ingredients like carob root, chia seeds, and pumpkin, your piggie will BLOOM + GROW into their healthiest self.

Max & Ruffy's Banana Coconut Snacks 

These sweet treats will have your piggie going bananas.  Packed with energy boosting bananas, its natural sugars & fiber aids in digestion and potassium that benefits the muscular system. Nutrient-rich coconut is known to stimulate metabolism, increase energy, aid digestion, and benefit joints, skin, and coat.  

Pig Pal Tip: Break up treats in different sizes and add to a the rope or other IQ balls to keep your piggie engaged and busy for an extended time.

smoochers drops pumpkin chews

Pumpkin Smoochers are chewy tasty treats with a kiss of yogurt. Made in the U.S.A. with natural ingredients. These delicious drops are Wheat, Corn & Soy free.

Pig Pal Tip: If you have a constipated piggie, supplement these with daily meals to help our piggie go.

Harvest Blends Oatmeal & Blueberry treats

Miniature muffin shapes with the great taste of oatmeal and blueberry. Wheat, Corn and Soy FREE! Chewy Texture. Made with natural ingredients. Free of animal parts and by-products.

PIG PAL TIP: Use in treat dispensing toys with a little bit of peanut or almond butter to create the ultimate PBJ treat.

rope ball

If your piggie is a clever chewer, this toy is perfect! The tough threads of the rope hold up to any gnawing and grinding your piggie dishes out.

Pig Pal Tip: Break up very tiny treats and hide within the knots. 

FLeece blanket

Pamper your piggie with this super soft fleece blanket. If there's one thing we know about pigs- it's they can never have enough things to snuggle or root around in.

PIG PAL TIP:  This blanket can double as rooting toy! Knot or twist up to hide treats in, and watch your little porker root + snoot through it.


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